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Welcome to the new website of the Uganda Super league, also known as the USL. Let me begin by giving you a background to the USL.

In 2009, clubs playing Uganda’s top football league realised that the development of football in Uganda had become stunted. The reason for this was the amateur state of football in the country and the legal regime in place at the time.

With the effort of the clubs, Fifa and Fufa, the clubs constituted themselves into the Uganda Super League; a body that was charged with the ownership and management of the top national league.

The Uganda Super League was created on 31 July 2010 and it successfully organised the 2010/2011 season, with the 14 member clubs all taking part.

The goal of the Uganda Super League is to ensure that clubs constituted in the Uganda Super League become professional outfits, attracting the best football players in the region and developing infrastructure that will allow for meaningful football activity.

We are looking at creating hospitable and eventful football matches in the league and other tournaments of the Uganda Super League.

All in all we are looking to transform the general state of football in the country and to create a refined development path for football players in Uganda.

All this has been enabled by our relationship with SuperSport International PTY Ltd. Televising of matches in the league has induced performance by all involved in organising matches. SuperSport has also provided a financial resource, which will enable clubs to develop and produce better players. This makes us, as Uganda Super League, grateful.

We also thank our commercial partners Bell Larger and Eco Bank for facilitating our efforts to develop a worthwhile corporate venture in the Uganda Super League. We know that commercial endorsements are vital to the development of football in Uganda.

The commercial partners have all come on board because of the vision we share; the development of football. We look forward to continued and mutual benefits, which will come as we move forward on the long road to achieve our goals.

Uganda Super League has both long-term and short-term plans. In the short term we are introducing two other competitions in which clubs playing in the Uganda Super League will participate.

We are also taking positive steps to empower our secretariat and demand from it the kind of professionalism that would mould the Uganda Super League into a professional and competitive league in Africa.

In the long term we plan to improve football in the country by demanding improved and consistent performance from all the clubs playing and from those aspiring to join the Uganda Super League through promotion.

The Uganda Super League is still challenged by the high standards of professional football. We have initiated the licensing system process that will help take care of the minimum acceptable levels of sporting facilities and financial, legal and human resource values.

My message to the clubs is to co-operate with the Uganda Super League and to comply with the licensing standards and procedures. By doing so they will gain and maintain the status that allows them to play at the top level in the Uganda Super League.

To our fans out there, we would like you to know that you are treasured and ask you to support your clubs and to behave in a manner that allows families to come and enjoy games at the stadiums. Those who cannot make it, we ask you to support from wherever you are by following our live games on SuperSport.

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